Posted by: Chelsea | December 18, 2010

It’s beginning to look alot like christmas

I am officially hoping that this flu bug takes a hike before next week so I can finish up the pastries…I may have to send Santa a quick request.

The house is coming together.

Tree is up and decorated, lights galore in and out, and water colour paintings on the window. Throw in a little music and some baking, small gifts wrapped under the tree and we are almost set. A quick trip to the grocer tonight and  lastly yet to come a dash to the beer and wine store.

So far a white Christmas is yet to be told but around here the weather changes so fast stranger things have happend.

One of the cookies I made this week was a gingerbread recipe. Last year I made two different recipes. One an original from my Better Homes a Gardens cook book and one from Post Punk Kitchens.

I actually prefer the cookies that are vegan. They have a mild flavour at first but once a day goes by and whether you decorate them or not they stay soft and the flavour gets stronger.

Bob actaully doesn’t like gingerbread but likes this recipe.

I also made Rocky Road as it is a favourite in my family.

I sure hope this cold goes away so I can move on to the pastries.

Happy holidays all!



  1. Go away cold!!!! Love the xmas decor!

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